Y-25 boogie frames


Manufacturing of frames for railway rolling stock running gear (bogie) models Y25 Lsi and Y25 Ls(S)dl-K, which are the most common models of Y25 bogies - two-axle bogies with an H-shaped frame and are used under most 1435 mm gauge freight wagons.

Y25 Lsi
– This standard type of bogie is suitable for various types of freight wagons.


Y25 Ls(s)dl-K
is a newer type of Y25 bogie based on the Y25 standard where the bogie frame is made without end beams. It is a light version to meet the needs of intermodal wagons, because today, intermodal transport has become a recognized tool for reducing pollution and reducing pressure on the road and motorway network.


The production is based in Riga in a modern industrial park located on the territory of the former Riga Wagon Factory (RVR - Rīgas Vagonbūves Rūpnīca). Find it on Google Maps

The production line is custom designed. The line consists of stands for assembly and welding of frame parts. All production operations on the assembly and welding stands provide automatic positioning of parts in accordance with the drawings. All fixtures guarantee the achievement of the installation and welding of the corresponding parts in accordance with the requirements of the technological documentation.

The quality of production is ensured by the presence of certified personnel, a non-destructive testing system.

Planned launch of the full-scale production in October 2023.

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